SMHS students impress judges at Business Plan Showcase

SMHS students impress judges at Business Plan Showcase

By Kathryn Arthur

Contributing Writer


The electricity in the air is palpable as students from San Marcos High School compete passionately in the Entrepreneurship Academy’s Business Plan Showcase in mid-May at Impact Hub in the Funk Zone.

The showcase was put together to win the hearts of community judges, with students defending every business plan and making an argument that it is the best.

Each of 26 tables has a business outlined for spectators and community judges to examine. Team sizes vary depending upon the business idea. The business plans include fashion, food, utility, security, technology and more.

Soon, five of the 26 teams have been selected to give their elevator pitches to a panel of judges in hope of winning various prizes.

First up was FitJeans, a team of three young women who believe there is a need for personalized jeans, measured to fit your body. The students give their presentation and explain the need for fitting jeans and the large market waiting for their service.

Up next was Raise The Bar, a company that has developed the only freestanding salmon ladder on the market for those who want to train in ways seen on American Ninja Warrior.

Nuri, a handmade jewelry chain offering top customizability and designed to give the wearer choice, was followed by EZ Freeze, a tablet version of antifreeze that frees up a significant amount of space in homes, cars and auto body shops.

Monkey Freeze, a dairy-free, banana-based frozen dessert that fits in the most restrictive diets, finished the business pitches by winning first place.

Jaime DeVries, founder and teacher at the Entrepreneurship Academy, expressed excitement for all the hard work the students had put into their various projects.

“It all came together. We are here with 26 different business plans that are ready for review by the community and the panel of judges,” DeVries said.

San Marcos Entrepreneurship Academy is unlike any other in the area. It is a valuable program because it allows high school students to explore entrepreneurship and take risks with their own ideas and prepare for their future endeavors.

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