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True friends will pamper a new mom

By Carey Bradshaw

Carey Bradshaw

Becoming a new mom is just as exhausting as it is exhilarating.

New moms are embracing a completely different lifestyle, and it is not always an easy adjustment. So if your sister, daughter, niece, friend, or even a co-worker is a new mom, she may need some help.

We have plenty of suggestions for how to spoil her, and trust us: She will greatly appreciate it. Here are eight great ways to pamper a new mom:

n Offer a few hours of free babysitting so she can get out of the house.

Since her newborn has arrived, she probably hasn’t left the house much. If she has, she probably hasn’t left without her baby. Offering free babysitting will allow her to leave and get the peace of mind she needs.

She will appreciate the baby-free time, whether it’s running errands, meeting up with friends, or just spending it catching up on sleep. Bonus points if you do a load of the baby’s laundry for her while she is out!

– Take her out for a girl’s day.

Take her to get her nails done and maybe stop for lunch. She needs some adult social interaction, and a relaxing girls day is the perfect way to make her feel special.

– Get her a massage gift certificate.

If you don’t have much time to offer, don’t sweat it. Everyone loves massages, and what’s better than a gift card for one? A nice massage will help her relax and release stress. Kudos if you offer to babysit so she can actually use said gift certificate!

Another option is to get her an in-home massage and then take that baby out for a walk so she can truly relax.

– Offer to clean the house.

Cleaning the house definitely takes a back seat when a new baby arrives. Offering to clean her house will be a huge help that she will appreciate tremendously. If you are not the cleaning type (if we are being honest, I am not), offer to organize a housecleaning service to come to her house.

– Drop off some food.

In addition to cleaning, cooking healthy meals is something that tends to fall by the wayside when baby arrives. Offer to bring her some homemade food or food from her favorite carryout restaurant. She will thank you for a good meal that she didn’t have to prepare.

Another option (and one that was a huge lifesaver for me) is to organize a Meal Train for the new parents. I suggest setting it up for a few months a couple times a week. I was enormously grateful to all of the friends who joined my meal train and made sure I had nutritious food during the transition period.

– Offer to take some family pictures.

If you’re handy with a nice camera, this could be a special way to pamper a new mom. Hiring a professional photographer for newborn pictures can get pricy. Offering your time to take some pictures enables her to get photos with her whole family instead of just her baby and husband or vice versa.

These will be sentimental to her for a very long time. Huge thanks to my good friend, Jodi Lister, for stopping by my house and taking what is now my favorite family photo. She even got Buttercup the dog to pose nicely!

– Keep your visits short and sweet.

Although all moms are different, it can be overwhelming when a new baby comes along and the house is flooded with guests coming in and out for weeks at a time. If you know she’s been having a large amount of visitors, keep your visit short and sweet, bringing her, or doing for her, only what she needs.

– Buy her a bottle of wine.

Wine is something that just may beat a massage gift card. Mama hasn’t had a drink in nine long months. Give her a nice bottle of wine so she can have a relaxing glass at the end of her day to unwind during those few precious minutes when baby is sleeping.

Doing just one of these things for a new mom will earn you eternal gratitude. Do all of them and you will be inducted into the Greatest Friend Hall of Fame.

So if you know a new mom, take some time to pamper her. She deserves it.

What was the best thing someone did to pamper you after your baby arrived? I’d love to hear about them.

Carey Bradshaw is a working mom just trying to balance it all. She runs Hooter Holster and Creative Butter. Carey lives in Santa Barbara with her husband and business partner, George, their therapy dog, Buttercup, and their rambunctious and lovable toddler.